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Workers’ Music for December 2011

For December we have a topical song, written in 2002 by a wobbly who comes in and out of Toronto, Smokey Dymny. While it was originally written in regards to a BC election, recent news has brought the idea of a General Strike back into the public consciousness all over.

General strike! General strike!
That’s the only ‘general’ working people like.
We may not be an army but the enemy’s in our sight
And the way to bring them down is general strike.

You don’t have to be an economist t’ know things don’t add up
And a lawyer and a judge can’t fix your rights
And the papers tell you stories to send you to bed at night
But the way to turn things ’round is general strike.

You don’t need to use a gun, you don’t have to blow things up
You can’t cast a ballot or give up your vote.
Don’t talk to any clergy or debate in parliament
None of these have done a lot to rock the boat.

When a bunch of us stops working, we all watch who’s gonna win
‘Cause the outcome’s often stacked against our side.
But when we all walk at once, there’s no ifs or ands or buts
The capitalists will all be petrified

So don’t bother with a Party or a platform they’re a joke,
Just tell your fellow workers there’s a date.
And when we shut down the system it’ll be over in a wink
That’s the day the workers start to legislate.

You can also see a video of some Toronto Wobblies and friends singing this song at Occupy Toronto a short while back.

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