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Video of militant, pissed off workers at Pearson Airport

Workers across Canada (and the rest of the world) are facing constant attacks on our livelihoods. Since last spring Air Canada has been claiming that the workers need to make significant concessions because of ‘the economy’. Each time the workers have stood up to the corporation and fought back.

That is, until the Conservative Government and (Dis)honourable Minister Lisa Raitt has ordered them back to work. This not only has Harper & Raitt come out on the side of Air Canada, but Bob Ray has also added his shrill voice to the chorus.

In the face of this attack, the workers have responded “Shut it Down” and “Wildcat”. Watch to the end of the video.

This video was taken Friday March 9th, 2012 by a wobbly who went to support the workers who are fighting back.

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