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Happy May Day from Toronto IWW

The Toronto branch of the Industrial Workers of the World celebrated International Worker’s Day—May 1st— with many other individuals and groups.

Occupy YYZ

Person Airport Workers show off their banner

Pearson Airport Rally

Workers at Pearson airport had their own May Day rally out on the windy sidewalk at Terminal 1. Wobblies were honoured to help facilitate workers from various areas of YYZ give speeches about their struggles and feelings about ongoing struggles they are facing. You can watch videos of the speeches here.

Organize – For a better life today, and a better world tomorrow – IWW

May Day Rally Downtown

Of course the IWW also participated in the main May Day parade which snaked it’s way through downtown Toronto. The event had a very positive atmosphere this year with many groups with many interests coming out to celebrate working people’s struggles around the world.

May Day After Party

Lit table

The Literature table, full of interesting books.

The Literature and Fundraising committee put on a social after the parade for all friends of the IWW and the labour movement. It was successful and fun, with lots of loud conversations between new and old friends.

Wobbly speaker at Mayworks

Sean Carleton (member of the Toronto IWW living in Peterborough) will be speaking at  the Mayworks festival in relation to the new graphic novel he has been working on with some other folks. Here is their description of the book (taken from a longer piece on rabble.ca which includes some of the beautiful artwork):

Now, using the creative and accessible medium of a comic book, May Day: A Graphic History of Protest, aims to bring these and other important stories of May Day to life, paying particular attention to the Canadian dimensions. In these pages, then, we seek to tell the rousing story of how, for over one hundred years, workers in Canada have used May Day to mark an important day for working-class celebration and activism.

The discussion will be Sunday May 6th 12noon at the Ryerson Student Centre, 55 Gould Street. (google calendar event).

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