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In support of sex workers organizing

Toronto IWW will be marching at Trans Pride this year in support of Maggie’s Sex Worker action project.

The Rally is 6-7:30pm Friday June 29 2012 at Norman Jewison Park. At 7:30 there will be a march. (More details at Pride Toronto.) We invite friends of the IWW to march with us. Maggie’s has requested that folks bring red umberellas if they can, as it is a symbol of sex worker organizing.

A recent piece in the Industrial Worker, the IWW’s official union newspaper, Sex Work: Solidarity Not Salvation discussed sex workers in the labour movement.

The IWW believes that workers should control their own lives. Since we spent the major chunk of our day at work, we can only do this by controlling our jobs and working conditions. In the short term it means doing whatever it takes to make the changes that are most important to us. In the long term it means economic democracy: or a system of worker and community control over what is being produced and how.

We are not interested in dividing up working people into groups that serve only to make us weaker. For over a century, our union has welcomed all who want to organize for a better life: with the exception of bosses, police, and screws that are the main instruments of oppressing working people (regardless of sex, gender, race, or sexual orientation).

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