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News from the Toronto Wobblies, July 2012

News from the Toronto Wobblies, July 2012Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Who are the wobblies?
  3. Upcoming events
  4. Getting involved in the IWW… A guide to committees and meetings
  5. May Day is Worker’s Day
  6. Organizing 101 draws worker-organizers from near and far
    • Upcoming Organizing 101 in Windsor
  7. Get in touch, stay in touch with the Toronto IWW


This newsletter is also available as a printable PDF: Toronto IWW Newsletter – July 2012

You are receiving this email because at some point you gave your address to a member of the IWW to stay updated. It may have been a long time ago. This list hasn’t been used much in the past while as the branch has been dormant. However that is no longer the situation so we will be sending out periodic emails to keep up up to date with us.

This has been a busy summer for Toronto Wobblies as we continue to get the branch in order. There is organizing going on that is still top-secret and we can’t say much about it here.

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Who are the wobblies?

Don't trust luck... Organize with the IWW for a better life.The IWW is a grassroots, worker-run union. We believe in changing the world one job at a time by organizing with our co-workers to fight together for whatever is important to us.

Relying not on lawyers or politicians to save us, we instead use the power of Solidarity and Direct Action to improve out lives today. The IWW is open to all workers in all industries. [Read more about the IWW.]

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Upcoming events

Check the “meetings and events” section on the website for more details.

  • Sat July 28 6pm Wobbly BBQ Social
  • Tues July 31 6pm Organizing Committee
  • Sun August 5 5pm Dinner and workshop about internal democratic structures of the IWW
  • Sun August 5 2pm Educationals meeting
  • Sun August 19 2pm Branch Meeting
  • September 8-9 Windsor Organizing 101
  • Sun September 16 2pm Branch Meeting
  • Sunday October 14 Year in review & visioning
  • Sun October 21 2pm Branch Meeting

Please contact us in advance of attending if possible to confirm times and locations.

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Getting involved in the IWW… A guide to committees and meetings

We have written short descriptions for each of the committees currently active in the Toronto IWW. To save space it will not be duplicated here. Go to the website to read full descriptions. Here is a list:

  1. About chairs
  2. Monthly Branch Meetings
  3. Organizing
  4. Education Workers Industrial Organizing Committee
  5. Solidarity and Action
  6. Fundraising
  7. Educationals
  8. Web
  9. Branch Officers

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May Day is Worker’s Day

Wobblies participated in Toronto’s May Day march, and had a fund-raising after-party, for the purpose of sending Branch members to the Work People’s College—an historic sharing of skills, experience and contacts which took place in Minnesota in June. [Read the full article.]

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Organizing 101 draws worker-organizers from near and far

The Organizing 101 training put on by the Toronto IWW with assistance from the Organizing Department in May was a huge success. Dozens of organizers from across the economy attended the two-day training.

The training, which is unique in the Canadian and American labour movement, breaks down the IWW’s organizing model using a variety of teaching techniques. It is a crash course in direct action and solidarity unionism which will helps develop the skills of organizers. Included are useful skills such as building an organizing committee, talking to co-workers, fighting employee apathy/fears and countering an anti-union campaign.

Participants walked away with the skills needed to start building organizing committees on their job, or to improve the functioning of their committees where they already exist.

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Upcoming Organizing 101 in Windsor this September

If you missed the Toronto version, don’t worry! There is another one happening in Windsor, Ontario September 8-9th. It is open to anyone who wants to organize for a better life. Registion and more information is available from windsoriww.wordpress.com, or email windsoriww@gmail.com.

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Get in touch, stay in touch with Toronto IWW

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