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Active Committees in the Toronto IWW

Toronto IWW  is active on a number of different fronts. Here is a bit about a few of our committees. We encourage new members and interested folks to become involved in a committee as the regular monthly meetings can be a bit dull. All upcoming meetings (except secret ones) can be found by visiting the Meetings and Events page.

  1. About chairs
  2. Monthly Branch Meetings
  3. Organizing
  4. Education Workers Industrial Organizing Committee
  5. Solidarity and Action
  6. Fundraising
  7. Educationals
  8. Web
  9. Branch Officers

About chairs

Toronto IWW Banner reading, Organize - For a better life today, and a better world tomorrow
The Toronto IWW banner at May Day 2012 (Solidarity and Action Committee)

Committees all have chairs which are elected by the Branch. Chairs are responsible for:

  • Finding out when members are able to meet, calling and publicizing meetings, booking rooms
  • Reporting to the Branch on a monthly basis on the activities of the committee

Chairs do not have any additional decision-making power regrading policies, expenditures, actions or positions of the committee or the IWW than any other member. All decisions are made by democratic process in accordance with the Constitution of the IWW (PDF of Constitution) and using Rusty’s Rules of Order (download PDF).

Monthly Branch Meetings

Branch meetings are where the local business of the IWW is conducted. All members may make proposals, discuss and vote. Non-members may be allowed to attend with voice but no vote by the membership at the meeting.

Organizing Committee

The purpose of the Organizing Committee is to discuss and nurture active and potential organizing projects by Branch members, or those who are interested in organizing with us. They are currently being held biweekly and are open to members and invited guests only.

Occasionally put on events to support organizing work, such as the IWW’s famous Organizing 101 2-day training.

Education Workers Industrial Organizing Committee

Industrial Organizing Committee #620 organizes education workers and students. We work as rank and file members within our business and student unions and organize non-unionized pockets of our industry. We seek to coordinate and engage in coherent industry-wide direct action to improve our working and learning conditions and fight for a better world where free, quality education is available to all.

Solidarity and Action Committee

Toronto Wobblies have been out on a regular basis to show solidarity with workers facing strikes and lockouts. Wobblies have also been active supporting workers in CUPE 966 and 3902. We marched in Trans Pride in support of Sex Worker’s rights on the job. Check out the Solidarity section of the wwebsite for more.

Lit table
The Literature table, full of interesting books and other great stuff

Fundraising and Literature

Runs the IWW merchandise table at events, selling books, zines, clothing, posters, music, bike lights and other fabulous wobbly paraphernalia. This committee can also throw a great party, like the May Day afterparty.


A new committee to coordinate several different educational eventsincluding a series of public presentations, internal workshops and a visioning session for members.

Web Committee

Maintains the website, twitter, facebook, youtube and other online and social media. Meets infrequently with most work being conducted over email. It is made up of one chair elected by the Branch and a member elected by each of the other standing committees, plus any interested member.

Branch Officers

Branch officers are elected by the Branch annually or as-needed (in the case of resignation or being recalled by the branch). They met when needed to ensure smooth functioning of internal processes of the branch. (Read more about it in the Branch bylaws if you would like: PDF or .doc)

  • Branch Secretary: Reports to Canadian and International bodies regarding activities and finances, as well as handles Branch communications
  • Branch Treasurer: Handles financial work and reporting, also sits on the Literature and Fundraising Committee
  • Delegates: Responsible for signing up new members, taking dues from members and supporting organizing work
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