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Strike support, organizing 101, and education workers organizing! News from the Toronto IWW

News from the Toronto Wobblies - Feb 2013


  1. Solidarity and Action Committee working with striking Porter workers
  2. Organizing 101
  3. Education workers organizing
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Solidarity and Action Committee working with striking Porter workers

Supporting strikers at Porter Airlines:

On Friday the 18th, several IWW’s and a few members of the SolPact group joined the striking airplane fuelers from Porter Airlines represented by COPE Local 343. We came with greater numbers than our first visit on Wednesday, and we had a great time getting to know the the strikers while we picketed. They were warm, friendly and spirited despite the cold and the fact that they are being scabbed on and are worried about the strike’s current effectiveness. [read the whole article]

Sunday February 10th, there will be a community solidarity barbeque at Bathurst and Queen’s Quay. 3pm to 6pm. Promises to be delicious and action packed!

Here is a video we made of an action last weekend:

Some photos of the action are also available on facebook.

Next weekend, Sunday February 10th, 3-6pm there will be a community solidarity BBQ for the striking workers. It will be held at Little Norway Park, which is right beside the ferry and road to Billy Bishop Airport in downtown Toronto. Join us for some good food and solidarity.

Organizing 101 workshop – Registration deadline approaching!

Toronto IWW is pleased to announce opening of registration for the Winter 2013 edition of Organizing 101, our crash course on grassroots, direct action-driven solidarity unionism.This is a two day course on building power in your workplace from the bottom up. It focuses on techniques for building a committee of workers who are confident and capable of addressing issues in the workplace, and for overcoming obstacles like worker apathy, anxiety, and the bosses’ counter-organizing efforts. The course is free/donation, and is open to everyone –so please forward to anyone who might be interested! [read more & register]

Education workers organizing

Industrial Organizing Committee #620 organizes education workers and students. We work as rank and file members within our business and student unions and organize non-unionized pockets of our industry. We seek to coordinate and engage in coherent industry-wide direct action to improve our working and learning conditions and fight for a better world where free, quality education is available to all.

In December, they put out the first issue of their newsletter, CLASSroom. you can download it here.

Read more about the Education Workers IU of the IWW.

Upcoming events

Check the meetings and events section on the website for more details.

  • Sunday, 10 February, 14:00: Community Solidarity BBQ for Striking Porter workers (on facebook)
  • Saturday, 16 February: IWW workshop at Kitchener-Waterloo anarchist bookfair
  • Saturday, 23 February, 09:00: Toronto Organizing 101 Part 1 of 2 (on facebook)
  • Saturday, 23 February, 21:00: Wobblies and all our friends Party
  • Saturday, 2 March, 10:00: Toronto Organizing 101 Part 2 of 2 (on facebook)

Please contact us in advance of attending if possible to confirm times and locations.

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Who are the wobblies?

Don't trust luck... Organize with the IWW for a better life.The IWW is a grassroots, worker-run union. We believe in changing the world one job at a time by organizing with our co-workers to fight together for whatever is important to us.

Relying not on lawyers or politicians to save us, we instead use the power of Solidarity and Direct Action to improve out lives today. The IWW is open to all workers in all industries. [Read more about the IWW.]

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Get in touch, stay in touch with Toronto IWW

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