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Solidarity Committee’s First Wage Theft Case A Success!

Workers often find themselves in tight spots. Sometimes they don’t receive their full pay, they are fired without severance, and bosses can make life difficult for  former employees. We believe that by standing in solidarity with one another, we can take a stand against bad bosses, and against the exploitation of workers.

On Wednesday February 19th, the Solidarity Committee of the Toronto IWW took on its inaugural case. Mohammed, a general labourer, along with members of the committee and supporters confronted his former boss, the owner of a temp agency. The group delivered a demands letter detailing the specific jobs Mohammed had worked and the total sum of $230.00 in unpaid wages. Following a series of phone zaps and escalating actions at the office itself (including nearly getting the temp agency evicted from its premises), the issue was finally settled on  March 29th.

The boss was forced to concede and produced a money order cheque for the amount owing. But in his inability to face Mohammed and the Committee following repeated lies and evasion, the boss decided it was easier to phone a local police station and drop the cheque off there.

The exploitation of workers by bosses was overcome through our collective effort in the fight and the Solidarity Committee of the IWW is committed to helping workers win real gains in the instance of wage theft.

If you are interested in learning more about the Wage Theft Campaign please contact us at toronto@iww.org




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