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Public Outreach Committee

The Web Committee was struck at the September 2011 General Membership Branch meeting. It had the following mandate:

  1. Be it resolved that the Toronto GMB will strike an Internet Committee to manage the public online presence of the union.
  1. Responsibilities
    The Internet Committee will be mandated to perform the following tasks:

    1. Creation and maintenance of a branch website/blog
    2. Maintenance of the branch facebook page
    3. Creation of an announcements-only email list for supporters and allies
    4. Creation of a presence on any other social networking site, such as twitter, if appropriate
    5. The Internet Committee may speak on behalf of the Toronto GMB online. It will do so in ways which are consistent with the Constitution of the IWW, democratic decisions made by the Branch, and its bylaws.
    6. The Internet Committee will not be responsible for the maintenance of internal communications such as branch mailing lists, or private email communications such as normally handled by the Secretary.
  1. Structure
    1. The GMB will elect a Chair to the committee who will maintain administrative control over all relevant presences.
    2. The elections will take place at the same time as officer elections and terms shall be one year, with no term limit, or ad-hoc if needed.
    3. The Chair will report to the branch on a monthly basis, either in person or via email or may appoint a substitute.
    4. The Internet Committee will meet on an ad-hoc basis at the discretion of the Chair.

At the November 2012 special membership meeting, held after an all-day visioning session, this mandate was amended as follows:

Be it resolve that the Web Committee be repurposed as the Public Outreach Committee and take on the projects of maintaining our online presence (Twitter, facebook, etc) the production of video shorts on worker empowerment inspiring/engaging recruitment videos additionally, produce branch newsletter, artwork, posters, etc.

All work conducted must still adhere to the contents of the Web Committee Content Guidelines.

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