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The Toronto IWW puts on a variety of trainings throughout the year. We primarily focus on what the branch needs to support current organizing work, so not every event is public. You can check out events page for upcoming workshops. Here are descriptions for some of our major educationals. If you think these would be useful to your workplace, please let us know as we may be able to put them n by request.

Social Mapping & Charting

No group of people is without organization. As organizers, we find ourselves in an existing and complex mesh of respect, rivalries, love affairs, leadership, social groupings, power struggles, admiration, favours owed, conflicts, histories and a thousand other human dynamics. How can we identify and map out these relationships in our workplaces? And then how can we mobilize the existing organization in order to build a fighting committee?

Social mapping & charting are tools we use to look at the dynamics in a workplace and figure out how we will get workers on board with the union. They are simple, powerful and absolutely necessary for any grassroots organizer to understand in order to focus our work where it will be most effective and strategic.

This workshop is one module out of the IWW’s famous (and infamous) Organizing 101: Building the Committee training.

Organize now! Organize right! 2012 101

Promotional image from our 2012 Organizing 101

Organizing 101: Build the Committee is the IWW’s crash course on grassroots, direct action-driven solidarity unionism.This is a two day course on building power in your workplace from the bottom up. It focuses on techniques for building a committee of workers who are confident and capable of addressing issues in the workplace, and for overcoming obstacles like worker apathy, anxiety, and the bosses’ counter-organizing efforts.

More details here available from the Organizing Department.

Training 4 Trainers

T4T is where wobblies go to learn how to lead the “Building the Committee” two-day training. It is lead by experienced trainer-organizers and supported by the Organizing Department of the IWW. To attend a T4T, a person must be a wobbly and normally must have attended at least two 101s, unless they are located in an area where this is not possible, in which case we will prioritise getting them trained up.

Organizing 102: The Committee in Action

Organizing 101 stops when the campaign goes public. This is where the 102 picks up. How to maintain a public campaign through backlash, waning energy, staff changes and committee challenges. The 102 is directed at workers who are already involved in organizing on their jobs and want to take solidarity unionism to the next level. Participants are expected to have already attended a 101 and be familiar with the contents.

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