Let’s Get Organized!


Toronto is the financial hub of Canada and a center of gentrification. Most jobs there are precarious and exploitative, the cost of living is astronomical, and the average working person is socially ‘atomized’ and encouraged to compete with their fellow workers for a living, instead of collaborating. This makes Toronto a challenging place for working people.

As a ‘solidarity union’ we welcome workers from any and all backgrounds and industries to be members. Our Branch even supports workers and organizing campaigns beyond the city limits of Toronto. Through the Canadian Regional Organizing Committee we are connected to all IWW members in Canada. We also encourage all workers in other unions to hold a membership with us, too: through education, training direct action and solidarity, we can be a powerful second argument to take to your boss. Give your fellow worker a fighting chance, join the IWW and let’s get organized!


The IWW is a union for all workers!


Contact the IWW’s Organizing Department and take one of your first steps towards organizing your workplace! We’ll send you a follow-up email as soon as possible.

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