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Wobbly Resources

More about the ideas and practice of the IWW

Weakening the Dam is a recent booklet put out by Twin Cities branch, which is one of our most active organizing branches for the past several years and has pieces written by some of our best grassroots organizers through NA. It’s a lot of stuff on the themes of “every member an organizer” and “organize the worker, not the job” both of which are at the core of wobbly (IWW) organizing. Stories, strategies and practical stuff about how we organize. It is available as a webpage and a PDF

Annotated Preamble What does “there can be no peace so long as hunger and want are found among the millions of working people” really mean? A good read to clarify some of the language and ideas in The Preamble to The Constitution, which was written over 100 years ago.

The Kids’ Annotated Preamble “In 1905 a group of workers founded the IWW. These workers wrote the “Preamble to the IWW Constitution” to explain why the IWW was started. It was written in 1905, which is more than 100 years ago! So it might be a little hard to understand. Someone wrote the “Annotated Preamble of the IWW Constitution” more recently. This is a little bit easier to understand for grown-ups but it isn’t written for kids. I’m going to try to explain the “Preamble” in a way that kids can understand.” This piece was written by FW Sasha, a 12-year-old member of the Junior Wobblies.

Toronto’s Rusty’s Rules of Order (PDF) This document explains how union meetings are held and structured, so that all members can fully participate in an equitable and democratic fashion. This is the Toronto version, adapted from a publication of Portland‘s local branch.

You Are the Union: This is an introduction if you are considering membership in or have already joined the IWW. The IWW is different from many unions, and it is important to know the strengths of these differences.

Worker’s Power Archives The Workers Power column aims to offer a space to share organizing stories and thoughts on strategies and tactics for building power on the shop floor. These columns are posted here to encourage discussion. This site archives past and current WP pieces as published in the official English-language IWW paper, the Industrial Worker.

Think It Over Lays out the principles of the long-running Industrial Workers of the World (better known as “the Wobblies”) in a clear, provocative, and often humorous voice.

Toronto Branch materials

Meetings and events Not sure when the next meeting, social or public action is? Check this page for official announcements regarding branch events.

Our current branch by-laws as adopted by the General Membership Branch in its August 2013 meeting. Download as a .doc (MS Word) or PDF file.

IWW Toronto Leaflet Our current leaflet for sharing with folks curious about the IWW.

Songsheet from the OPSEU line, which has abridged versions of a few classic labour songs.

Web Committee Content Guidelines as adopted by the Branch to help members writing and creating online materials.

Official IWW documents

IWW International Constitution 2011 (PDF) The document that contain all the rules and principals that govern the union. This is a living document that evolves a bit every year at our democratic Delegate Convention.

CANROC Constitution 2011 (PDF) The constitution which specifically governs the IWW within Canada.

One Big Union pamphlet (PDF) An in-depth exploration of the goals, tactics and vision of the IWW.

Industrial Worker Current and back issues of the IWW’s official English-language paper. More about the IW and how to contribute to it here.

History and culture

A brief history of May Day Why is May 1st celebrated as International Workers Day around the world, but largely ignored in Anglophone North America?

Resources from outside the union

Your Rights At Work Booklets put together by the Worker Action Centre here in Toronto regarding legislation covering various situations at work. Available in many languages and with some industry-specific guides.

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