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Toronto IWW supports write in candidates for CanROC Ballot 2013

Hello Fellow Workers,

The Toronto GMB has voted to support a write-in campaign for this year’s Canadian Ballots. We came to this decision seeing that overall participation in Can ROC is not adequate and 2 of the 3 positions have no candidates at all. With the support and backing of the branch, we would like to support affiliated branches in their growth and organizing and deal with the structural issues which are hindering this.

Please forward the below statements to FWs in affiliated branches and at-large members. Our candidates are (click names to jump to statement):

(To email the above, remove the word “DELETE” from email addresses; this is to protect against spam.)

Job descriptions for these positions can be found in this PDF of the ROC Constitution (page 2).

Thank you for your time in considering these candidate statements.

ROC Secretary Treasurer
Hello Fellow Workers,

I would like to announce my candidacy for the position of Regional Secretary-Treasurer of CanROC.

I have been a wobbly for three years now. I originally signed up in Fredericton, New Brunswick where I became a CanROC at-large delegate and later I helped to build what is now the Fredericton GMB.  I served as a delegate for the Fredericton GMB for a year before moving to Toronto where I continue my delegate duties for its GMB. For the past year I have also served as a CanROC officer in the position of ROC Editor, putting together and publishing the Canadian Organizing Bulletin (COB). I have attended multiple organizer training 101s and was lucky enough to attend the recent training for trainers in Toronto, becoming a trainer for OT 101s with the IWW’s Organizing Training Committee. Since moving to Toronto I have been active on our branch’s Solidarity Committee as well as our Organizing Committee, where we have some exciting (but still under the radar) campaigns.

I feel that through my time as a CanROC at-large delegate as well as the experience this past year as COB Editor I have come to understand the issues within CanROC and what needs to be addressed to make it a functioning national body. It is my hope that if elected as RST, CanROC can undertake over the next year a critical self-reflection and attempt to address some of our deficiencies through internal reform.

Peter Moore has done a great job for the past three years as RST attempting to make CanROC a smooth functioning and effective body. While we can claim some great accomplishments I believe we still have far to go. Some of the issues I would like to address with CanROC concern our finances. As it stands we do not have sufficient money to cover our administrative costs. I would like to see us either change our internal funding allocation (30% administration – 70% organizing) or seek a bigger dues share from the General Administration.

I would also like to change the way in which the business of the ROC is carried out on our quarterly conference calls. As it stands now ROC reps are generally not aware of the agenda points or motions in advance. This does not allow sufficient time for reps to speak to their branches and receive a mandate on how to vote. I can say that I do not have such an easy solution to this problem but would like to work with all branches and ROC reps to create a more directly democratic structure.

Lastly, I would like to see CanROC adopt a membership strategy to help continue both our increasing membership in Canada as well as assisting our at-large members to build branches where none exist. I think some sort of sub-committee or at-large liaison is something we should consider trying to put in place in the near future.

The Toronto GMB has voted to support me in my run for RST, as well as fellow workers Max Bang for ODL and Jordan House for ROC Editor. In doing so the branch has made a practical commitment to assist in the work of these roles.

Finally, I would urge people to write in Jono House for RST in this year’s CanROC ballot.

Towards the One Big Union,
Jono House

Editor of the Canadian Organizing Bulletin

My name is Jordan House and I am running as a write-in candidate for editor of the Canadian Organizing Bulletin. I have been a member of the union for just shy of two years. As a member of the Toronto branch I had the opportunity to attend the union’s Work People’s College in 2012, where I met many amazing people and learned a lot. I have also attended several Organizer Training 101s and, most recently, a Training for Trainers.

In addition to serving as a delegate for my branch, I had a brief stint as the Toronto GMB’s CanROC liaison this past year. Finally, I provided lay-out and design support for last year’s CanROC editor, FW Jono House.

As the COB editor I will prioritize:

  • A good looking, readable COB which is issued on a regular schedule
  • Increasing CanROC branches reporting
  • Maintaining a space for internal debate and critique within CanROC

In this campaign I have the support of my branch, the Toronto GMB. I look forward to serving as your COB editor in the year to come.

CanROC Organizing Department LiaisonI am Max Bang, a health care worker actively organizing on my job. I first joined the OBU in 2005 in Clydeside, was then in the Ottawa-Outaouais GMB and now I have landed in the Toronto branch.

Some relevant highlights of my wobbly CV:
  • I have been Organizing Committee Chair for my branch for the past 2 years. This year I am happy to say that responsibility has been passed on to another FW.
  • I have been a Trainer for the 101 for some years now and having attended the 102 T4T in February, I look forward to facilitating this for the first time in May here in Toronto.
  • This year in October, a goal I have had for a long time came to fruition thanks to our amazing GMB: we organized a T4T that supplied Canada with a dozen new trainers from Vancouver to Fredericton.
  • In the lead up to this T4T I was active on a committee that revised the Trainer’s Manual, personally focusing on better participant handouts, improved Social Mapping & Charting and finally a Canadian Labour Law section that addresses the legislative framework we work under, including materials for tailoring to province and handouts.

My main goals in running for ODL:

  • Focus on supporting the creation and growth of Organizing Committees and Industrial Organizing Committees in all Canadian GMBs, especially those which are newer or smaller. When new branches are formed I would like for them to be oriented to the creation and running of OCs. Recently I have created a post-101 series of activities for new branches to help them take the content of the 101 and put it into practice: this is not always an easy task!
  • I would like to make head way in regards to the translation of the 101 into French. This is long overdue, and in the context of rapid international growth needed now more than ever.
  • I am not in favour of excessive reporting. To support organizing, a variety of means of communications are needed. I will work with ODLs and OCs in Canada to figure out what support is needed and what form it will take.
I have the time, dedication and capacities to perform this role. I would probably not take it on if I did not have the backing of my GMB, who have promised to support the write-in candidates not just with a show of hands at a meeting but with practical support when called upon. I am not running for any other officer positions outside my branch. Within the branch I have been working to transition newer members into key roles that I have worked in, so I have more wobbly-time for this kind of work.
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