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Join & Organize

Do you want… Shorter Hours? Higher pay?
Better conditions? Respectful managers?
Don’t agonize . . .

Your boss will never make your job better.

Your job could be great if only the bosses would keep their noses out of things, and treat you with the respect you deserve.

What is a union?

In its most basic form, a union is a group of workers who come together to make their lives better. It can be all the workers on a job, or only a few.

The IWW is not a “service” union who will promise to come in and solve your problems for you. We are a “do it yourself” union that empowers workers to discuss and enforce changes on their own job.

So what do we do?

The IWW can help you out with:

  • Teach you the skills you need
  • Outside organising help
  • Strategy and ideas
  • Bargaining and legal skills
  • Putting you in control of your job

If you don’t think the time is right for organising, there is still a place for you in the IWW We need dedicated people to support others who are doing on-the-job organising.


The I.W.W. is a different sort of union. We consider both short and long-term solutions to the many problems plaguing the people of the Earth.

In the short term we fight for:

  • Improvements in pay
  • Better, safer working conditions
  • Livable hours, chosen by workers
  • End to harassement and favouritism
  • Whatever is a priority for workers


We think not only of today, but also of what may come. We envision a world where there are no bosses to interfere with our lives or our jobs. Unions should be breeding grounds for the essential skills of independent critical thought, community self-organisation and action.

Union democracy

A strong emphasis is always placed on democracy within the union. You will never be sold out by an IWW union boss because there aren’t any. All decisions are made by the workers on the job.

Industrial Unions… not just for factory workers

We are the “Industrial Workers” because we organize all workers on a job regardless of what their job is or who writes their cheques. We think dividing people by their specific “trades” (like a “trade union”) or employers weakens us as a whole.

“Industrial union” is a way of organizing that lets people organize themselves in the ways that will make them the strongest as a group.

We stick up for one another regardless of what particular part of the job each of us happens to do. That’s how we win.

Every worker needs a union

Having a union could make your job better. When you are organised with the other people at your work, you can talk about problems and find solutions. Sometimes bosses will agree with the problems and solutions. Many times they will not, and you will need to enforce them yourselves.

Starting a union at your job is not easy, but the rewards are worth it. Whether you have been at your job for two months or twenty years, you can fight to put yourself in control of your working conditions. With the help of other workers, you can win.

The next step

  • Contact us today to speak with an organizer. You are under no obligation
  • We exercise discretion and will not tell your boss or coworkers
  • We can support you if you decide to organise

Who can be in the I.W.W?

Anyone who is a member of the working class can claim their membership in the I.W.W. The only people who are excluded are those who are bosses themselves. The unemployed, or those employed informally are also welcome here. If you are already in a union you can still join the I.W.W. and be in both.

Already in a union?

If you are already in a union you can join the IWW and be in both. Our members are active in other unions, often advocating for democracy and effective action on the job.


Dues are paid monthly directly to a delegate and are geared to income. The lowest is $9 and the highest is $27. Read more about dues in the IWW.

Join the IWW today

For more info, please contact us today!

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Further reading

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About the IWW: The IWW is a union for all workers, a union dedicated to organizing on the job, in our industries and in our communities both to win better conditions today and to build a world without bosses, a world in which production and distribution are organized by workers ourselves to meet the needs of the entire population, not merely a handful of exploiters….

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