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Paying Dues in the IWW

The IWW is a dues-based organization. All members pay monthly to a delegate, elected at General Membership meetings.

Where does the money go?


When you join, you pay the equivalent of your first month’s dues as an initiation fee.

100% Goes to General Administration (GA) to pay for the card, button and stuff you are given, as well as the cost of labour generated by signing up.

Monthly Dues

45% Goes to your local branch to pay for activities as decided by vote of the membership at regular meetings.

40% To the GA to pay union wide costs, such as production of the Industrial Worker newspaper, mailing, web servers, funding different projects and committees. Also includes the union-wide Organizing Department which creates and runs the Organizing 101 trainings.

15% Goes to the Canadian Regional Organizing Committee (CanROC) which distributes annual ballots, runs iww.ca, takes care of mailing membership materials within Canada and has its own literature department.

Monthly income

Monthly dues & rate

> $3500 Maximum $27
$2000-3500 Regular $18
< $2000 Minimum $9
Very little Sub-minimum $5
Initiation One month’s dues
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