Organizer Training 

The training we provide to our fellow workers is one of the most important and valuable functions of the IWW. Our methods have been developed with over a century of experience in organizing labour, transforming workplace problems into a coherent plan of direct action. While the need for a union and collective actions to get positive changes at work might be obvious, the best way to go about organizing isn’t always so clear, but we have a plan and the tools to get the goods and we are eager to teach you how to use them.

In conjunction with our OrgCom and OrgEd committees, we are always trying to hone our organizing skills by expanding our collective memory of organizing and action-based strategies. As such, we can learn from you as you learn from us.


The IWW is a union for all workers!


Contact the IWW’s Organizing Department and take one of your first steps towards organizing your workplace! We’ll send you a follow-up email as soon as possible.

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